Tout savoir sur le financement

Buying real estate
You can sign a sales agreement before a notary and later purchase your property. The sales agreement blocks the sale of the object. However, the owner can sell his object to another  buyer on condition that he will compensate the potential buyer who has the sales agreement. It is best to use the right of preemption, which entitles its holder to acquire the object at the conditions set forth in the original contract. You can register this document in the land registry. You can also receive real property by gift or inheritance.
Dumont practice: suppressed in 2010
The Federal Council has set the date of entry into force of new legislation on the tax treatment of the costs of restoration of buildings, on 1 January 2010. Dumont practice deducts the costs of rehabilitating a building neglected by its previous owner for 5 years after purchase, will therefore be permanently repealed on that date, as part of the Federal Direct tax. According to the Law on Harmonization, cantonal legislation will have a period of 2 years to adapt the new law, in early 2012.
Switzerland still has the lowest rate of homeownership in Europe (35%). The opportunity for buyers to use funds from their second pillar(pension fund) to finance their mortgage, is the only truly efficient measure. There is also an acute shortage of land in the Lake Geneva area. The secretary general of the Geneva Real Estate association, says there are 10,000 households in Geneva who aspire to own and are financially in a position capable of property owners.. Those who want to become homeowners are turning increasingly to condominium apartments (PPE). It seems that many do want from the challenges and risk taking connected with the construction of a villa. Geneva and Lausanne are committed to providing more building land. The new Canton of Vaud master plan will sharply increase urban space. Throughout the whole Lake of Geneva region there are solutions designed to optimize the development, enhancing or renovating old buildings. Some municipalities have opted to reduce the size of building plots to facilitate the construction of villas. An article from the magazine “Property” of May 2009: offers the following advice. Buyers first need advice. Before embarking on a purchase, they should rely on two strong pillars. The first is the banker or broker (mortgage financing), the second is the real estate professional. The goal is to combine tax planning and the search for ideal accommodations. Future owners know they can use their savings, but most are unaware of any mechanism related to the second and third pillars. Those who have the necessary funds to purchase real estate need to be guided in their approach. Homeownership benefits are great. Owning is to be free. Financing is so attractive now that an owner can save 15 to 20% from the rental market.