New purchases

In the first 1st interview, we analyze:

• Purchase of land or an existing object

• What are the advantages and disadvantages

• Land transfer and legal fees

• Construction Loan (two possible levels)

• Interim interest

• Consolidation during construction

• Invoice monitoring – legal mortgages risks

• Consolidation – mortgage notes (reprise old mortgage notes)

• Responsibility of the owner (RC)

• Construction insurance

Mortgage interest rates

• Comparison of interest rates, banks and insurance

• Available once per month via e-mails to our customers

• 3-month Libor rate and more

• Variable rates

• Rate blocked


• Discounts available on rates by banks

• Advantage of these different rates depending on your taxable income and the type of amortisation chosen

• Simulation of your rent according to different variants


• Calculation of the rental value (old or new housing with or without significant transformation)

(abatement Geneva = tax influence)

• Calculation of your new income municipal, cantonal and federal levels, for the new commune and the municipality of residence

• Capital costs and maintenance bills according to package

• Deduction of transformation – insulation, heating, etc.

• Renovation fund for condominiums

• For international residents: taxation in Switzerland for retirement, Geneva and Vaud / rental value


• 2nd “Pillar” – Withdrawals from LPP (pension fund)

• Some pension funds do not release funds for a construction loan – what to do? 3rd Pillar A / B

• Shares and bonds – Lombard loan

• Pension fund guarantee or withdrawal pledge

• Gurantee LPP3 (pension fund) A-B or withdrawal

• Family gift or donation – what is the best tax solution

• Repatriation of funds from abroad

• Redemption of years LPP and amortisation every 5 years depreciation tax benefit

Calculation of monthly charges

• PPE (condominium)

• Renovation Fund

• Heating costs

• Taxes, etc.

• Insurance

Analysis of risks of death, disability, retirement

• Analysis of the 5 pillars (pension funds)

• Removing capital from LPP (pension fund)

• Coordination of benefits AI / AVS

• LAA – LPP – Private Insurance

• Pensions for disability and sickness and accident + complimentary for spouse + children

• Retirement widowed + children, sickness and accident

• Retirement: Accumulated benefit AVS / LPP / proivate insurance. = choice of capital or annuities

• Age difference between man and woman

• Inheritance: how best to manage its assets and liabilities and taxation, etc

Relative costs / income

What do you need to know before you go to a bank to obtain a credit

Amortization direct or indirect

Reconstruction of its PPA with a third pillar

2nd bank interview

• Signature of loan agreement and mortgage documents

• Contract signature amortization

• Records that will allow withdrawals from pension funds

Mortgage Renewal

We will send you a questionnaire to be completed and returned to us together with a mandate

Then we present your completed file to the institution that offers the best conditions.