Who are we

Cofinances is the leading consultant in property financing and mortgage loan brokerage in the Lac Leman (Lake of Geneva) region. An independent company, Cofinances functions as a mortgage loan negotiator for its clients. We offer current and future homeowners a complete range of mortgage financing, tax strategy and financial planning services. We are able to obtain the most competitive rates and conditions from banks and insurance companies for our clients because of our years of experience and volume of business.

« Assist our clients at all-important events of their lives, » is how Alain Faure, founder of Cofinances, defines the general purpose of the company. Founded in 1996, Cofinances unites some fifteen independent advisers, working under the same name in French speaking Switzerland. Together, they represent years of experience in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. These sectors offer constantly evolving products that the average investor, property owner would have difficulty in defining the product best suited to his needs.

It is for this reason that Cofinances collaborates with a network of notaries, lawyers, and tax experts. The society is part of IREF, an institute assuring the continuing formation of the French-speaking expert accountants organized with tax administrations of the cantons of Vaud and Geneva.

Financial products and conditions change quickly. It is for this reason that our independent financial planners can assist you due to their experience and the fact that they are themselves property owners. Their average age is between 40 and 50. Each one of them has known the joys and vicissitudes of a professional life. Alain Faure, a businessman, has worked as an accountant. He also worked several years in a Swiss insurance company and in a large Swiss bank. With the evolution of laws governing consultants, he obtained a diploma of financial planner that enabled him to manage a financial planning company. Mr. Faure also insures the ongoing formation of the Cofinances associates.

Invest i real estate

Construct a house or invest in an apartment is one of life’s choices that must be accompanied by careful consideration of immediate and future implications. All property owners, even those of long date, should regularly study the conditions of their credit. The advantages and inconveniences of different finance possibilities are not always evident at first regard. The appreciation of a qualified consultant can allow the owner to better understand the various available options. Should one amortize or keep his loan? What is the influence of the rental value on one’s taxes? Is it worthwhile to deduct the maximum amount of interest from taxable income? Is it preferable to block one’s mortgage interest at short or medium term? For all of these questions, Cofinances can offer you qualified advice taking into consideration your personal situation and objectives. This advice is based on careful analysis and our perfect understanding of the products offered by the banks and insurance companies with whom our company collaborates. Our important volume of business in terms of property loans allows us to negotiate interest rates for each of our clients. Contact us before signing a mortgage or construction credit.

Free analysis and conseil

Contact us directly by telephone to obtain a preliminary evaluation of your profile and arrange a meeting. Our services include our telephone conversations and 2 to 3 meetings that, according to the complexity of your situation can total 2 to 8 hours. Each file takes into consideration all essential factors, such as available cash, including pension funds, contributions, loans, guarantees, property taxes, legal fees, upkeep, amortization strategy, comparative amortizations direct and indirect (3ème pillier) with the taxation aspect and the covering of risks, analysis of a savings plan, and retirement credit. The file is then presented to the bank chosen by the client and Cofinances. We conduct the negotiations until their conclusion.

Cofinancies helps its clients resolve many property fiscal questions especially relocating from one canton to another.

Renewing mortages for new users

Contact us by telephone to obtain our credit conditions when you want to renew your mortgages. We can offer the best interest rates on the market via our negotiation central and our large volume of business.

Mortage interest rates

Ask for our comparative interest rate table in which you will discover the best deal that we can negotiate for you.